How SEO's Can Get Their Developers' Attention?

We - SEO's, tend to work a lot with developers and engineering teams. Whether you're a product SEO, technical SEO, doing on page / off page - at least some portion of your work is dependent on these people, and your SEO success can't be achieved without their support and without an efficient communication with them.

Now developers, especially senior developers and managers, are usually extremely busy and have little to no time in between their daily tasks, to shift their attention to something outside of their scope. And it make sense.

Hey (what looks like a tough) developer, loved your outfit. How about a quick chat on some serious SEO-nerd-stuff? :)

Why? Because developers need to deliver fast, accurate and continuously. They have sprints, Jira tickets to complete, bugs to fix, research to perform, deployments, servers and what not.