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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Hi, my name is Moshe Ma-yafit and I’m doing SEO for more than a decade. Nevertheless, every day I tell myself (in my heart) that I don’t know SEO. Why I say that?


Because it reminds me to stay humble and keep learning. The truth is it doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been doing SEO. What matters is you are learning a long the way, and how you keep expanding your knowledge and experience.


Additionally, since Google and other search engines, are evolving and changing their algorithms on a daily basis – things which were relevant to SEO 10 years ago – are not relevant anymore.


So, it is all about continuous SEO education, and that’s what I’m focusing on during my career.

I do that by asking as many questions as I can, and by keep telling myself “You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know”.

How does my daily routine look like?

My favorite SEO areas, in which I focus most of my efforts are around:

  1. Technical SEO

  2. On page SEO

  3. Data Analysis for SEO

  4. Automation

  5. Python for SEO

Why I decided to open this blog?

  1. To connect with the SEO community

  2. To share my knowledge and experience

  3. To learn from the SEO community

  4. To improve myself. When I’m writing and teaching – I get better as I need to verify I know what I’m talking about, right? Also, while writing, I dig my research on those topics and only by doing so – I learn so much.

What do I do other than SEO?

  1. I’m also a professional diving instructor and have been working for a while in Thailand’s islands.

  2. I have this AMAZING organic vegetable garden, which is a new love came to my family’s life.

  3. I recently also started juggling, inspired by the legendary, top notch juggler Taylor Tries.

  4. And much more… 

  5. If you’d like to connect, or have any question about SEO, I’m here to help and support, just reach out.

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