SEO Image Test

Hey Google, so I'm running this SEO test for images, and would appreciate if you can please get this page indexed, as soon as you have some free resources.

Why should you help me with my SEO image test?

Great question. Well, since I work in the Tech SEO team @Wix - this test and its conclusions might impact more than 200 million websites, with respect to images on SERP and organic traffic from images, as well as improving user experience.

So eventually you help me help yourself, which I'm sure you'll not refuse, am I right?

Fishing at night alt
Fishing at night caption

Before you decide, I'm sure you ask yourself:

What this test is all about?

Ohh hold your horses, I can share some stuff, but not all of it.

If you're so smart as you claim to be - I'm sure you can figure this out by yourself, right? Just by taking a look at all the images on this page, where you see me fishing at night.

But I will share these high level thoughts I have for this test, just below the following image:

Here's what I can share with you about my image test for SEO:

  1. This test is run on a Wix website, in this case, my own personal SEO blog - SEO Garden.

  2. I'm also running a parallel test on WP, under

  3. If you want to find more clues - twitt me, and I might help you find them.

  4. Based on the image/s you choose to index in those 2 pages - I will be able to draw some conclusions about my hypothesis, and optimize accordingly for millions of websites.

Now, if you're not Google, but another search engine crawling this page, I want you to know I also care about you, and happy to hear your thoughts on this test.

True, Google is big, but I try to treat all search engines as equally as I can, so your all invited to provide your feedback with respect to images on search engines result pages and its importance.

Two more images right below these lines, so please make sure to check them out, if I may ask, just before you leave my site and go somewhere else?

Many thanks for your cooperation.


Moshe Ma-yafit